17th September 2018

10 Signs you are Obsessed with Colouring!


I wrote this list after some friends caught me staring intently at the wallpaper in a restaurant… then stroking it! It was the most beautiful black and white floral design and I was busy thinking, ‘wow, that would be awesome to colour. I wonder what the tooth is like?!’

My friends laughed and announced that I was officially obsessed with colouring.  And it got me thinking, there must be others like me… Take a peek and see if you can relate to any of the 10!


  1. Whenever you see a black and white illustration (wallpaper, ceramics, a tattoo…), you immediately begin to consider how you’d colour it.
  2. The thought of a large box, full of pens, pencils and pastels all from different brands, mixed together, in a huge art supply mess makes you SWEAT!!
  3. If someone asks if you use ‘crayons’ you force a smile and know that your colouring group friends on facebook will understand…
  4. You’ve said the phrase ‘Right, that’s it. I’m not buying anymore colouring supplies’ many, many times.
  5. Your colouring hand suffers from ‘Colourist Callus’, a consequence of all those hours spent busy with the pens and pencils!
  6. You have a ‘travel pencil case’ containing a small but considered selection of colouring essentials for when you are on the road.
  7. You find yourself intently stroking paper to determine its quality and tooth.
  8. Your Amazon basket always has a least one colouring book or an odd piece of colouring kit lurking in it… battery operated electric eraser anyone?!
  9. You automatically hide the numerous parcels containing colouring supplies and new books from whoever you live with so as not to draw attention to your obsession!
  10. If you had to choose between dropping your phone or a brand new box of Polychromos onto a cement floor, you aren’t sure you would save the phone…

Sound familiar?!

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