23rd September 2008

100% Design – Done!

One down, one to go! 100% Design closed on Sunday evening at 6pm, so I rolled up my black and white papers, tucked them under my arm and hopped on a plane to Paris – where a mere 12 hours later, I was scrambling up a ladder once more to install Exhibition Number 2, Indigo at Premiere Vision.

100% Design was a big success again this year, with the solo stand proving a great way to showcase my signature style of black and white prints and patterns. The ceiling to floor installation of hand painted artwork went down well with the crowds, as did my co-coordinating monochrome outfits (a girl can never have too many black and white frocks).

To my great amusement I was boxed in by over hyped corporate stands (yes, the very type which I mentioned a few months ago in my Creative V Corporate post), except this time it was Italians selling over glamorized taps, not Germans. My mistake. The Italians hired a small army who spent 2 days solid building and plumbing in an array of bizarre LED taps and shower heads…is it just me, or should taps provide water, lamps provide light and never the twain shall meet? The surrounding stands were an equally uninspiring combo of bizarre “arty” radiators (I particularly liked the bright yellow bejeweled one, it had a distinct air of Utterly Butterly meets Julien Clary) and on the other side, the real life David Brent was flogging “liquid poured floors”  in perhaps the most uninspiring showcase of corporate creativity I have ever seen. Think promotion flyer, think A0 printouts, think double sided tape and you are pretty much there.

Thankfully, the Design Gods smiled upon me and put the fantastically talented Pippa Caley next door, whose beautifully printed canvases and upholstered chairs reminded me that raw creative talent was still alive and kicking. Phew.

All in all, 100% was pretty intense, with lots of interest from Interiors Designers, Retailers and Agents from all over the world, so it looks like there will be many a late night on the computer and in the studio for the next couple of months….

In the meantime, I’m now showing at Indigo, Premiere Vision. The French are all on strike, something to do with low pay and a shortage of onions this season, but if you can get yourself to Parc d’Expositions, do pop in and say hello.


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