25th September 2018

5 Ways I Break Through Creative Block

Creative Block

We’ve all suffered from it. Creative Block. For me, it feels like I’m trying to swim through treacle. Slow, gloopy and I worry I’m sinking so deep, I won’t ever emerge. (I’m prone to being dramatic when I feel like this!).

Breaking through though, is invigorating! It’s like drinking 3 espressos and running barefoot through a field of wildflowers with the wind in your face!


Here’s 5 tricks I use for beating creative block and finding my flow!

Try one. Try them all. Here’s my top 5 ways for beating creative block and getting back into the happy creative mindset!


1. Turn the Page Upside Down

I’m not sure why this works (I suspect something to do with using a different side of the brain or changing your viewpoint, someone much smarter than I will have the answer!), but if you are staring at a half complete picture and just can’t fathom the way forward, try rotating and looking at it upside down. I often do this when drawing or colouring and for some reason it has the magic effect of getting me out the pit of doom and into a more optimistic place.


2. Step away from the desk.

Go outside and walk in nature. Dance about in the garden. The 3 key things here are fresh air, nature and an increase in heart rate. Each is good for blitzing the block, but when their powers combine, they are turbocharged!!


3. Flip your focus.

If I’m struggling with a creative project, I find switching my focus to a totally different task for a short while often gives me the mental space I need to find some inspiration. Clean the refrigerator, play dress up with your toddler or pay some bills, just don’t just sit there staring at a blank page!


4. Drink up!

Dehydration negatively effects the body in so many ways, so it makes sense to top up your water levels so you are in peak performance. Guzzle down a big glass of water and kick start your creativity.


5. Listen to Music.

I’m a big fan of podcasts or audio books, but when I need to be creative, I find music really helps set my mood and get those creative juices flowing! You could experiment with the sound track to an epic movie, something from this listor even a track from an app like fm. Whether you like Classical, Hip Hop, Scottish Folk Music or Electro, find the sounds that inspire your creativity.


Go create!

I hope that’s give you a few ideas for how to break through the creative block! When in doubt, my fail safe go-to method is to simply down tools and go make a cup of tea. Everything is better after a cuppa!


Have fun and happy creating!



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