23rd August 2012

Battle Owl for BrewDog


Deciding competition was more fun than collaboration,

BrewDog and Flying Dog challenged each other to a brewing show-down.

Think Space Race but with fermentation tanks not shuttles.


BrewDog v Flying Dog

Scotland v USA


And they named it;

‘International Arms Race’.


Beer Geeks, you can read more about the brewing here.


All Flying Dog’s artwork is created by the legendary Ralph Steadman.

Including their Arms Race beer…

No pressure then.


When it came to creating the label for BrewDog’s challenger

I decided to go with a grenade wielding Battle Owl.


Battle Owl!


And in the Flying Dog corner, Steadman came out with this dog fight:




So there you have it,


BrewDog v Flying Dog

Scotland v USA

Basford v Steadman…?!


Dog Fight!


Go sample both at one of BrewDog’s Arms Race events or buy from their online shop.

There’s also a rather fetching Battle Owl Tee.

Battle Owl Tee

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