11th June 2013

Beefeater 24 Special Edition Packs

Late last year I was approached by Beefeater 24 Gin with the opportunity to create a special edition pack for them.


The brief was heavenly, the client wonderful.

So I got to work straight away.


Delicately inked peacocks perch amidst a flourish of flora and foliage,

All intricately hand inked and crafted with care.

Hidden within the pattern are the 12 botanical ingredients which combine to give this gin its unique flavour.

I love a little inky eye spy!


Beefeater 24 Gin


The glossy exterior features a small extraction of the pattern, a taster for what lies within…

Upon opening, a printed concertina of inky pattern unfolds to dramatic effect,

A visual fanfare, something rather special.

Think glamorous pop-up book meets cocktail cabinet chic…


Beefeater 24 by Johanna Basford


Beefeater 24 by Johanna Basford

Beefeater 24 by Johanna Basford


(Art Direction by the good people at The Brand Union Stockholm)


And now my client is searching for an illustrator to create next year’s special edition pack!

The winning design will become their 2014 showcase –

Seen around the world and, like me, becoming part of the Beefeater 24 story.


You can find out more about the competition here.


For those of you still studying and looking for a live brief to get stuck into,

Or anyone just starting out and wanting to flex their creative muscles,

This is the perfect opportunity to create some self initiated work.

An interesting brief, an inspiring brand to work with and if you win, a pretty nifty name to add to your client list!


Good luck!

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