3rd December 2020

Christmas Inky Art School FAQ


Got questions about Christmas Inky Art School, my FREE 5 day course? No worries, the answers are probably here!


Q. When is it?

A. Monday 7th – Friday 11th Decemeber


Q. I’m busy that week, can I still take part?

A. Yes, like a Christmas Tree, this course is evergreen! All the content will be posted on my website and you can re-watch any time.


Q. Is the course really free?

A. YES. Think of it as an early Christmas gift from me to you!


Q. How do I take part?

A. Just make sure you are signed up to receive my Inky Emails. I’ll send out the class information by email. No spam, just creative treats to inspire and delight! There’s more info about the course here.


Q. What art supplies will I need?

A. Check out the Materials List.


Q. I can’t draw. Is this really for me?

A. Of course you can draw! We’re all born creative, you just forgot! The good news is, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll have you smiling, drawing a sprig of holly and whistling Jingle Bells before you know it!


Q. Will the lessons be Facebook Lives like last time?

A. No. Christmas is a busy time of year for us all, so I’ve recorded all the lessons this time and will be sharing the videos with you by email each day – I’ll also post them on social media in case your spam filters hate me…!


Q. Boo. So no random chat and live sessions?

A. Well, actually, YES! I’ll do a Live session every day, either on Facebook or Instagram. You can see the schedule here. I’ve missed you all!


Q. Can I show you my drawings?

A. YES! PLEASE DO! You can:

  1. Post them on social media using #InkyArtSchool
  2. Tag me @johannabasford or
  3. Upload them to my Colouring Gallery (pop them in the Inky Wonderlands folder).


Q. I used to receive your Inky Emails, but I don’t get them any more?

A. This is likely 1 of 2 things:

  1. They are going to spam. Check your spam filter, add me to your address book.
  2. I just don’t send that many!

Either way, try signing up again if you are worried and if you are still experiencing problems, it might be an issue with your email server and Mailchimp. Try reading this.


Q. What are you asking Santa for this year?

A. A teapot. If lockdown has taught me anything, it’s to slow down, appreciate the small things and brew your tea properly!


Q. Favourite Christmas Joke?

A. What happened when Santa went speed dating? He pulled a Cracker!

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