1st February 2010

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars – February

Last Friday I asked you what you wanted me to draw for February’s Calendar and I had some pretty cool little suggestions! Thanks to everyone who got involved and especially shockthealien on Twitter for his romantic suggestion of 10 Robots in Love! You can see some of the suggestions below. Please don’t be sad it yours didn’t get picked, there will be another chance to demand what I draw in March!

Read more about the Desktop Wallpaper Calendars here.

10 Robots in Love
A touching, yet understated portrayal of Mechanical Passion, 10 Robots in Love is an excellent desktop wallpaper which won’t drown out your icons, induce a migraine or make you blush (even you boys!)

Don’t forget at the end of the year I’ll be releasing a very special limited edition print which combines all 12 of the Desktop Calendars into an inky mash-up of 2010!

Get into the Valentines spirit and download February’s Calendar now…


1280 x 800 pix

1440 x 900 pix

1680 x 1050 pix

1920 x 1200 pix



10 people who ‘haven’t’ moaned about the iPad.. … tough I know..!


Stylish zombies. They’re always shown so… Dishevelled and grubby! Let’s see them in designer couture…


10 funky chickens!!


10 crying curlews


10 itching robots


10 Lords a Leaping of course.. from the 12 days of Xmas song, my Dad used to always “be the Lord” when we sang it at Xmas


a romantic/valentines suggestion: 10 cupids?


Sad eyed puppies and kittens being cu

ddled by pregnant ladies?


10 racing walrus’


10 heart shaped fried eggs, singing I love you, in honour of Valentine’s day


romance themed… Gotta be my heart shaped doily again!


10 pandas playing in the snow?


’10 Character Chairs’ – Each chair to have a personality shown through its illustratio


it is cliche but what’s wrong with that? How about Swans? They’re romantic but not too obvious.


10 bass guitars… but then, I’m biased! 🙂


no surprises from me 10 sheds a creaking


10 British Dinners!


..ten tattooed temptresses


10 robots in love


10 armoured fish


10 lego men in a ‘royal rumble’ style wrestling match!?


10 astronauts grabbing a drink in space


I think you should draw 10 dancing snowflakes. Could be interesting!?!


ALSO: I’ll be posting details of some very special Valentines Print Packages this afternoon – be sure to pop back after 2pm for some inky magic which will charm and delight your other half.

AND: As it is Valentines this month, I’d like to draw special attention to nosrednanad ‘s suggestion of 10 Heart shaped fried eggs singing ‘I Love You’. Click here to see the story behind the Tweet – I promise it will make you smile! 






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