20th December 2019

Goodbye 2019!


It’s my annual ‘look back on the year, feel sentimental and grateful’ post, and I feel THIS photo so captures this year of life!

Chaos! A selfie snapped with my girls the day we went to see Frozen 2. ALL the excitement, face jewels, Elsa dresses and for some reason… Mia’s foot!

The first half of 2019 I wasn’t even here! My 6 month Social Sabbatical was SO freeing. I did some great thinking, creating (and living!). It taught me so much about being present. I’m glad I did it, the things I learned have really shaped how I use digital and social media today. Make art, not content.

At home, Mia turned 2 and continues to melt our hearts with her sweetness, although her fierce independent streak is a force to be reckoned with… Evie is 5, started School and filmed her first drawing tutorial for you all! Simple Dimple. It’s truly incredible to watch them flourish.

I finished my first drawing book, How to Draw Inky Wonderlands and shared it with you all. I ran Inky Art School, my free online course, painted a giant ‘Oor Wullie’ sculpture for the Children’s hospital in Aberdeen, learned to edit videos, created a huge new drawing in my studio, began a calligraphy class, broke a World Record and came up with an idea for a new book that is so big and scary and wonderful that it keeps me awake at night… more to come on that next year 😉

But as ever, I’d have no reason to post this, if it weren’t for all of you. The Colourists, artists and friends around the world that allow me to have my dream job! Thank you, for all your support, your beautiful colours and your heart warming messages. Without you, none of this would exist. Every day I sit back and think, ‘How did this happen?!’. I’m one lucky lady.

I hope the New Year and the new DECADE brings us all much love, happiness and joy!

I’m taking a few weeks off social media to celebrate with the family and I’ll be back in January with a sneak peek at the new book I’m working on… it’s my dream project and I’m SO EXCITED to share it with you!

Much love,

Johanna x

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