26th February 2018

Hello from Johanna!


Hello! If you are reading this, you likely sent me a Message or Email.

Firstly, thank you for reaching out!

Secondly, sorry I’m not responding personally.


After much soul searching, I’ve decided I need to focus on making new creative work and being Mum to my 2 little girls, Evie and Mia. To allow me to do this, I’m stepping away from emails and facebook messages. I’m sorry, I know how frustrating that must be for anyone with a burning question, but I feel it’s vital for me both as a creative person but also as a human (!) to get some mental breathing space and come up with ideas, tackle toddler tantrums, draw pretty pictures etc!! Communication is wonderful, but it can get a little overwhelming.

I’m very conscious that many of you get in touch with questions and queries, so I’ve put together some top tips, links and contact details that I hope will help you in my absence. I’ll keep adding to this when anything new and relevant pops up.

Thank you for your understanding and Happy Colouring,

Johanna x


Want to share a picture of your Colouring?

Hurrah! Upload it to the Colouring Gallery on my website – I LOVE to see your creations on there!


Need some advice on pens or pencils?

Take a peek at this blog post. (Top tip, if your ink is bleeding, switch to pencils!)


Want to know more about the paper in my books?

Read this Paper Geek blog post!


Got a problem with your book?

Contact my Publishers, they’ll be pleased to help you. Their details are here.


Planning a Charity event?

Instead of trying to support lots of different causes, this year I’m supporting The Archie Foundation with one big project. More info on my Charity work in the FAQ.


Want some Colouring Downloads?

Here you go! Have fun!


Got a problem with the Colouring Gallery?

Email [email protected] and we’ll take a look!


Want to use my Artwork?

If it’s for a personal craft project, please go ahead! I love an inky collaboration!

If it’s for a business or anything commercial, then I’m afraid you can’t.


Need to speak to someone about Press or Licensing?

Check out the Contacts page.


Still got a query?

Check out my Frequently Asked Questions  (Scroll to the bottom!)

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