29th June 2009

Hendricks Gin illustration

Those nice folks at YCN contacted me a few months back to create an illustration as part of the new label design for Hendricks Gin, (which, according to their website is an iconoclastically produced small batch gin distilled in Ayrshire, Scotland). The rather eccentric brand is famed for its brown apothecary-like bottle and unusual cucumber and rose infusion. Here Design in London were commissioned by Hendricks to give the brand a fresh new look, part of which included a new black and white bottle illustration.

The pen and ink drawing features the 3 botanical ingredients which combine to give Hendricks its unique flavour; juniper, cucumber and rose. The flowing scroll which runs through the design will contain the words “cucumber and rose infusion”.

Some of my draft ideas:

Hendricks Draft

Hendricks Draft

Hendricks Draft

Hendricks Draft
The chosen flavour begins to take shape:

Hendricks Gin

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Hendricks Illustration” width=”504″ height=”294″ />

And the one you’ll see on the bottle…

Hendricks Illustration
The new bottles should be on gracing a liquor aisle or cocktail bar near you soon, in the meantime, why not treat yourself to a summer Gin Cocktail. Lovely.



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