29th November 2011

Inky Advent


Count down the days to Christmas with my Inky Advent Calendar! Those nifty little QR codes are popping up everywhere, so I thought it would be cool to put them to good use and bring a touch of new media magic to this analogue advent event.

Amidst the hand penned artwork are 25 numbered QR codes, each opens a digital door to a little festive artwork as you countdown the days to Christmas. Starting tomorrow, all you have to do is find the door for the day and open it. Here’s how…


Inky Advent by Johanna Basford

1.     Get your Inky Advent Calendar. Visit the Inky Advent page of my website, buy a Limited Edition Inky Advent print (30 available, £18 each) or download the Desktop Wallpaper (scroll down for desktop downloads).


Inky Advent by Johanna Basford

2.     Find today’s date hidden amongst the artwork.


Inky Advent by Johanna Basford

3.     Use your Smartphone to scan the QR code (or click the link from the Inky Advent page if you are old school!) Not got a QR scanner? Just search ‘free QR scanner’ in your App store and download one. Easy peasy.


Inky Advent by Johanna Basford

4.     Ta-da! You’ve opened the first door on your Inky Advent Calendar.


Inky Advent by Johanna Basford

5.     Pop back and repeat until Christmas Day!


As with TwitterPicture, I wanted to take something pretty technical and geeky, in this case the QR codes, and use them in a creative way that would charm and delight. I hope this hits the spot!

Have fun opening all the digital doors!


PS. Looking for a super cool Christmas gift for someone? Take a peek at my Christmas Store, lots of inky treats for stockings big and small!


***The Prints***

A very special signed, limited edition of 80 prints have been beautifully printed in opaque black on 250gsm Tintoretto Gesso paper, A3 size. The first 50 have been sent to my fantastic clients (my own take on the corporate Christmas card) and I’m selling the remaining 30 prints on my online shop for £18 each*. I’ve only got 30 though, so once they’re gone they’re gone. Click here to buy one for your wall.

*plus P&P


***Desktop Wallpapers***

Download to your heart’s delight!

1280 x 800 pix

1440 x 900 pix

1680 x 1050 pix

1920 x 1200 pix



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