18th October 2016

Johanna’s Christmas Colouring Competition Winners

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, we have some winners!!!


I’m delighted to share with you the winners of my recent Johanna’s Christmas colouring competition. There were so many wonderfully coloured Polar Bears uploaded to the album that once again you made selecting tremendously difficult. However, I am very pleased (after MUCH agonising!) to share with you our winners:


SarahP’s ‘Sugar Plum Christmas’ really tickled me! I love her very soft, muted approach to colour with those lovely glitter accents! Such a pretty image that really captures a sense of winter.



Sydney’s wooly creation immediately caught my eye in the gallery! Such a clever use of pattern and bright colour, I thought this little chap looked super cosy and very happy to be delivering all those gifts!



ChibIla’s limited colour palette is crisp and frosty, whilst the peachy hues of the polar bear added some warmth – very clever! ChibIla also wrote on her entry that she wasn’t happy with her creation and actually threw it away, but luckily her mother saved it and convinced her to upload! Such a good lesson in not throwing your work away and also not being so critical! Props to ChibIla’s mum for being such a great cheerleader!



Jenny tackled the whilst polar bear in such a unique way! I have a soft spot for a bit of black and white inking, so this entry caught my eye! Clever use of black and white combined with a very mixed colour palette has created this striking effect. Lovely!



Kocialka_ has made this wonderful starry night sky, complete with hints of the Northern Lights and shooting stars. I love the way the background has been coloured in this entry and also the clever way the colours of the sky and the gifts are reflected in the iceberg!


Congratulations to all our winners. We’ll be in touch by email to say well done again and also to get your postal address so we can send your prize to you.


And WELL DONE to everyone who entered! Picking just 5 winners always seems a little odd as every picture uploaded was a unique work of art in its own right. Thank you all for being part of our fun little festive competition and I look forward to seeing lots more of your Christmas images coloured when Johanna’s Christmas launches next week!


Don’t forget to share your creations with the world by uploading them to the Johanna’s Christmas album on my Colouring Gallery.


ho ho ho!



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