17th March 2017

Lost Ocean Colouring Competition Winners

Selecting winners for these colouring competitions really doesn’t get any easier! Once again we’ve been swamped with literally 100’s of fantastic and unique entries to my recent colouring competition – making picking just 10 winners an incredibly difficult task.

As you know, I pick winners who champion something wonderful about our craft and community, whether that be an unusual colour combination, a jaw dropping technique or even just a picture which I feel conveys an enormous amount of happy. Above all, we use these competitions to highlight the best of our community and hopefully inspire more and more people to pick up pens and pencils and get colouring.

So without further delay, here’s our 10 winners…


Debbie Harby

  • Debbie Harby – I loved Debbie’s rainbow underwater city! Colourists LOVE a bit of rainbow blending technique and I thought Debbie’s was a particularly good example of this super happy palette!



  • Donna – I really liked that Donna went for such an unusual colour combination – the warm creamy tones and pops of plum work beautifully together – I would never have thought of these colours for an underwater picture!



  • ElinE – Everyone loves a bit of sparkle and Elin’s unique take on the underwater castle has an enchanting sugar plum feel to it – love those little white twinkles and details.



  • Hollyannhicks – Such a quirky colour palette! I loved the bright and cheerful combination of orange and turquoise, also how the background has a very faint tint which masks the stark white of the paper without competing with the colouring.


Kocsardine Kvaszta Andrea

  • Kocsardine Kvaszta Andrea – I loved the technicolour patchwork technique used in this colourful creation! It reminds me a little of stained glass windows! Such a lovely idea and a great way to show off the vivid colours of pens!



  • Maria87 – Wow! Look at all those dots! Maria has used a technique called pointillism which is when you create areas of colour entirely from tiny dots! A real labour of love.


Nurhidayah Yusoff

  • Nurhidayah Yusoff – This watery world has been so beautifully captured! I love the dappled way the colour has been applied to the castle and also that subtle bubble technique in the background. Really inspirational – I want to try this out!



  • Ulligeiger – I love a bit of monochrome and this bold black and white design really caught my eye! Something a little different (and very brave for a colouring competition!) – just shows you don’t need a hundred different colours in your tool kit, sometimes the simplest techniques are the most striking.



  • Valencia_van_Zyl – A beautiful use of colour and technique, this creation is just so enchanting! I loved the way the background dapples away into a blur, it creates a real feeling of depth in this oceanic scene!



  • Xibalba – I LOVE a fun colour palette and this picture has such a happy glow to it! A bright, bold palette of candy tones that really lend themselves well to the use of ink. I think the colourist had lots of fun creating this!


Winners – The studio team will be in touch with you shortly to arrange mailing you your well earned prizes!

Everyone else – Thank you so much for taking part in our fun little competition! It’s always a delight to see how you tackle the image and each put your own unique spin on the drawing. Wonderful work!

Also, thank you all for your kinds words and messages on the arrival of little Mia this week. She’s just scrumptious and we’re all feeling very loved (if a bit sleep deprived!).


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