2nd November 2015

Lost Ocean – not your average colouring book!

As many of you have noticed, there are some super intricate images in Lost Ocean. Some people love these and delight in the details; for others, this is a new coloring experience!

There are lots of beautiful adult colouring books on the market now and many of them share a similar level of detail. With Lost Ocean, I wanted to bring you something exciting and new-something that would challenge your creative skills and give you the opportunity to explore a new type of colouring. As with all my drawings, I wanted to create the very best artwork I could for you and to deliver something that was unique and made with love.

And now, if you’re starting an intricate image for the first time, some tips for jumping in…

You don’t have to colour each little space individually, you can colour over the lines (!) and join several sections together to make it more manageable.

If you are using colouring pencils, keep your sharpener handy!

If you prefer ink, remember that your nib to paper contact is likely to be longer on detailed images as you’ll be taking your time on the fiddly bits! Watch out for bleeding and adjust your hand pressure or switch to pencils if you are worried.

And if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge (I’m sorry, I love a pun!) into the more intricate images just yet, you’ll find a number of patterns, circle motifs, double page panoramas, symmetrical designs, and some pages with lots of white space for you to either colour or embellish with your own drawings. As much as I love adding detail myself, I also love to see what you all add to the pages to make them your own!

Don’t forget to share your work and show off your colouring skills. You can post your pictures on social media and use the hashtag #LostOcean or upload to my colouring gallery here.


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