30th January 2018

Pass It On Colouring Book

A few months ago I launched the Pass It On Colouring Book project (I know, it’s a catchy name!). An inky game of pass the parcel that I hoped would see 3 copies of Ivy and the Inky Butterfly travel around the world!


I sent 3 copies of the book, to 3 different Colourists with the request that they colour a page, sign their work, then pass it on. With a little luck (and a lot of colouring!) these 3 books will be passed from Colourist to Colourist, until every page has been completed. I love that these books will join together so many colourists in all walks of life and that they may simply be passed from one person to another over the garden fence, or be bundled into a parcel and set to far away lands!


Hopefully, the fully coloured books will be sent back to the studio sometime in 2018 so we can document their epic voyages and the work of all the talented people that have been part of this rather ambitious collaboration!


I’ll be posting updates throughout the year as we hear from Colourists who have received these books but you can take a peek at the latest pictures posted by searching #showyourcolours or #showyourcolors on Instagram.


Next week I’ll be telling you all about the COLLABORATION COLOURING BOOK – another inky community project that we’re super excited to share with you!


Happy Colouring!



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