14th March 2018

Say hello to the Colouring Community



This is Claire. She is just one of the many wonderful people that make up the Colouring Community. We are a creative movement of people who pick up pens and pencils and bring black and white worlds to life with colour and love.

What I love about the Colouring Community, is that we’re a ragtag bunch of folk, all from different walks of life, different backgrounds, different circumstances, but the thing that unites us, is a love of colour.

How wonderful that something as simple as pens and pencils, can bring literally millions of people together?

At a time when the world seems so chaotic, it makes my heart happy to know we have built this fantastic creative community of people like Claire, who support and inspire one another and ultimately, spread a little happiness around the globe.

Check back tomorrow for something rather special we have made to celebrate this wonderful community.


Instagram : @clairecolourista


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