11th October 2011

Sunk Punk


The boys at BrewDog have today launched a new special edition beer called Sunk Punk, a cool twist to their signature brew, Punk IPA. Why Sunk? Well it spent a few weeks fermenting in a tank at the bottom of the North Sea… obviously. Watch the amazing story of how it was made here.

Any beer that can list a lobster fishing boat, scuba diving, a sea worthy chocolate Labrador and a pirate flag in its making more than deserves a very special label. Inspired by its epic journey to the bottom of the sea, I grabbed my pens and pencils and created this underwater little number.

The artwork depicts a very rare and seldom seen Nonupus, the 9 legged contemporary of the more common (and slightly over-rated) Octopus, clutching the tank of Sunk Punk in its inky tentacles. I chose to feature this lesser known creature as I felt it epitomised the unconventional, quirky character of both the brewery and the concept of Sunk Punk. Clever, huh?

You can get your hands on both the beer and these rather fetching Sunk Punk t-shirts from the BrewDog shop.

Sunk Punk pencil sketch

Sunk Punk inking

Sunk Punk initial colourway

Sunk Punk t-shirts


For no reason in particular, this commission reminded me of my School report in Primary 2: “Johanna has a keen interest in Art and shows promise in this subject. Her knowledge and understanding of Mathematics is however not a strength and she is easily distracted during lessons. She must try harder.”


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