5th October 2018

The Collaboration Colouring Book : Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of The Collaboration Colouring Book!

I’m delighted to share with you the Collaboration Colouring Book, Part 2. Coloured by: Gemma, pstonecolors, rachymania, col.or.art, johannabasfordfan, ednur_artep, duchesscecilia, jazz_funk, coloringnana, marjam323, coloring_journey, magda_usia, Chefchipmunk and Holly, prettypages71

Take a peek at Part 1 and catch up on the background to this co-creation project and also the story of Ivy and her Inky Butterfly so far!

Gemma, UK

Favourite Colouring Tools: Felt Pens, my favourites are steadtler triplus and stabile

Favourite Colour: Purple and Teal / Turquoise

Here’s a little about my pages: I used felt pens. The brands were staedtler triplus colorpens and stabilo 68’s. I also used 3 crayola pencils. I used mostly my favourite colours. I chose them because they go well together and compliment each other well.


pstonecolors, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: 150 set of Prismacolor pencils, UNI POSCA white pen, Glitter Gelly Roll Pen, Derwent Inktense pencils, Staedtler triplus fineliner markers

Favourite Colour: Cobalt Turqoise

Say Hello on Social: IG: pstonecolors, FB: psleach

Here’s a little about my pages: I used Prisma pencils, details were gel glitter pens and a posca white paint pen. I was given a large background to fill and they have always given me the most frustration. I watched a few YouTube videos and tried to be patient and light handed. This is the best original background I’ve ever achieved! I was going for Bokan but ended up with something akin to clouds. haha. I chose blues because I wanted a cheerful dreamy place for Ivy’s imagination!


rachymania, UK

Favourite Colouring Tools: Primacolors

Favourite Colour: Pale Lime Green

Say Hello on Social: IG: rachymania, FB: Rachel Smith

Here’s a little about my pages: I wanted a vintage look for the flower / leaf page, inspired by old seed packets and vintage flower books. I like to add to backgrounds so added a little house mouse! I used primacolors as I love the variety of colours.


col.or.art, France

Favourite Colouring Tools: Prismacolor, Soft Pastels, FC Polychromos, Neocolor II Caran d’Ache

Favourite Colour: Green / Purple

Say Hello on Social: IG: col.or.art, FB: Disney’s col’ors&Cie

Here’s a little about my pages: I used a lot of different tools!
-Prismacolor and polychromos for the pencils
-Then, to colour background, Derwent ink (solid) and Neocolor II Caran d’Ache
-Poscas (for the light)
I used my pencils without any solvents and watercolour for the background. Added the golden details on the 2nd page, inspired by the others in the book.


johannabasfordfan, Belgium

Favourite Colouring Tools: Faber Castell Polychromos, Uni-ball white gel pen, Staedtler, ergosoft pencils and some blending tools

Favourite Colour: Indian Red and Burnt Carmine

Say Hello on Social: IG: Johannabasfordfan

Here’s a little about my pages: I only used Faber Castell Polychromos for these pages! They are the best pencils for blending. Also, I used some white gel pens to add details, like stars in the sky and dots in the water…
I wanted these pages to look very colourful and magical. I tried to go for a ‘morning’ palette, but ended up adding all colours of the rainbow. These pages took me a long time to finish, but I wanted the colours to be perfectly blended into each other, and I enjoyed every minute spent colouring these beautifully drawn pages!


ednur_artep, Germany

Favourite Colouring Tools: Pencils and water colours

Favourite Colour: Any kind of red and blue

Say Hello on Social: IG: ednur_artep

Here’s a little about my pages: I wanted these pages to look like an old treasure chest. My colour palette is inspired by a picture of gemstones. For this page I used a lot of media : Prismacolor pencils, Kuretake Gansai Tambi Starry Colors, Koi Colouring brush pens, Staedtler triplus fineliner Neocolors 2, white Posca pen and gel pen.


duchesscecilia, Germany

Favourite Colouring Tools: FaberCastell Polychromos Pencils

Favourite Colour: Red / Orange  / Yellow Scale

Say Hello on Social: IG: duchesscecilia

Here’s a little about my pages: I used FC Polychromos to colour the pages because I like the amount of pigment in them. I have the 120 pack so its so much fun to play with all the nuances.
I highlighted a little with Sakura Gelly Roll Bright White. For the background I also used a few of Irojiten’s pale colours. I wanted the tree house to blend in to the tree a little bit but knowing my magpies. I also added some blingy pieces.


jazz_funk, UK

Favourite Colouring Tools: Polychromos, Inktense and sharpies

Favourite Colour: Used to be black, however since discovering colouring I have fallen in love with all the colours of the rainbow

Say Hello on Social: IG: Jazz_Funk, YT: Jazzfunk’s Colouring

Here’s a little about my pages: Page 33 – Polychromos
Page 34 – Prismacolor Premier
These pages have challenged me with the repetitive patterns, in a good way though. I never have a clear image of what I want the picture to turn out like as it was in this case also. I just picked up the pencils and went with the flow of my imagination.

coloringnana, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: Prismacolour Colored Pencils

Favourite Colour: Grey, Pink, Aqua (really kind of like them all)

Say Hello on Social: IG: Coloringnana

Here’s a little about my pages: I wanted Pica to have a little extra color, so I added some purple.


marjam323, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: Prismacolor colored pencils and other colored pencils

Favourite Colour: Purple, purple, purple!!!

Say Hello on Social: IG: marjam323, FB: Pittsmm

 Here’s a little about my pages: I used prismacolor and marco raffine colored pencils, a touch of gold and silver gel pens and uni-ball signo white gel pen. I used a lot of different colours to make Pica’s treasure room unique and colorful.

coloring_journey, Denmark

Favourite Colouring Tools: Coloring Pencils, Gel Pens, Watercolor pencils

Favourite Colour: Purple

Say Hello on Social: IG: coloring_journey

Here’s a little about my pages: Most of these pages are done with colored pencils and gel pens for the glitter. I wanted to give the pages a kind of a cozy feeling, so I tried to create a wooden background.
The background is done with watercolour and soft pastel with colored pencil added for details.


magda_usia, Poland

Favourite Colouring Tools: Steadtler Triplus Colorpencils, Stabilo 88, Polycolor Koh I Noor

Favourite Colour: Blue

Say Hello on Social: IG: magda_usia

Here’s a little about my pages: I love dragons, so I wanted to create the illusion that the castle and the leaves are made of dragon skim.
I used Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, polycolors, triplus colorpencils and for the background aquarel colorpencils from Ikea.
I used (or at least I tried) the techniques shown in the tutorials (dragon skin, jewels and fur).


Chefchipmunk and Holly (age 5), UK

 Favourite Colouring Tools: Tombow Brush Pens

Favourite Colour: Nikki: Purple, Holly: Rainbow

Say Hello on Social: IG: chefchipmunk

 Here’s a little about my pages: I used Tombows and a blender pen, but found it trickier to blend on this rougher paper rather than the smooth Ivy paper. I tried to do a gold, silver and bronze effect for the lanterns, and just went for it with other colours on the page. Me and Holly love to colour together.
Holly: I like to use bright colours. I always try to use every colour in the box.


prettypages71, Malaysia

Favourite Colouring Tools: Coloured Pencils

Favourite Colour: Pink

Say Hello on Social: IG: prettypages71

Here’s a little about my pages: I’ve used a mix of coloured pencils, Derwent Inktense block and a toothbrush to spray the sides of the honey pot page.
For the elves page, I’ve used coloured pencils and PITT artist pens to touch up.


Part 3 coming soon!

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