11th October 2018

The Collaboration Colouring Book : Part 4


Welcome to part 3 of The Collaboration Colouring Book!

Take a peek at Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 to catch up on the background to this co-creation project and also the story of Ivy and her Inky Butterfly so far!

Part 4 of the Collaboration Colouring Book was Coloured by bribustamante, amberlovescoloring, MarieZheng, Victoriamuthu, SamanthaMackie, mtalbac, coloring_with_virginie, TamaraHochfelsner, Susan, Claire, Marianne, artsyveganmum, Laylabeecolours, JohannaT and CarrieBarrie.


bribustamante, Chile

Favourite Colouring Tools: Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, Anol pencils prismacolor

Favourite Colour: Light purple and pink, middle purple and pink, magenta, Fushia

Say Hello on Social:IG: bribustamante

Here’s a little about my pages: The pencils used were the polychromos of faber castell, use the warm tones and diffusion technique to use the wide range of colors you have. Also use Posca markers in white to make the points that are in the background.



amberlovescoloring, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: Shinhan Touch and Prismacolor Markers, Gelly Roll pens for highlights, Copic Multiliners for the extra floral drawings

Favourite Colour: Right now, probably coral. Maybe magenta.

Say Hello on Social: IG: Amberlovescoloring

Here’s a little about my pages: For these pages I used Shinham Touch Markers. In a few spots I added some sparkley bits with gelly roll gel pens. I didn’t use any particularly fancy techniques, but on the second page I decided to add a vine of sorts. I used floral bits from some of your other books to piece something together that I thought fit well.
The color pallet is based around the queen dragon, which is purple and magenta. The rest just fell in place from there.



MarieZheng, Malaysia

 Favourite Colouring Tools: Staedtler Luna water colour pencils, Staedtler Karat soft pastel chalk, Faber-castell water colour pencils

Favourite Colour: Blue, Pink, Green

Say Hello on Social: IG: Coloring By_Mariezheng

Here’s a little about my pages: I have all of your coloring books but Inky Butterfly is not one of it yet at this moment. I love the pages being chosen for me because flowers and butterflies are indeed my favourite object to color.
There is no special techniques beside color blending on these pages.




Victoriamuthu, Australia

Favourite Colouring Tools: Colour pencils, Fineliners, Markers, Felt tip pens, would love to attempt watercolour

 Favourite Colour: Red, Pink, Purple, Black

Say Hello on Social: IG: vie_muthu

Here’s a little about my pages: I used mainly prismacolour pencils for these pages.
Added some fineliners (staedtler triplus), gold glitter pen and a white posca pen for highlights.
I wanted to make these two pages as a set. Hence, I’ve used same exact colours for the drawings and backgrounds. I wanted to connect these pages toegther and brought them together as one.
Background with soft pastels.
Buuterfly was main attraction so it was done in glitters!!



Samantha, Canada

Favourite Colouring Tools: Coloured Pencils

Favourite Colour: Purple

 Say Hello on Social: 

Here’s a little about my pages: I let my upcoming wedding under the stars inspire my pages.
I used watercolour pencils for the backgrounds.
I tried to make one page feel soft and romantic and the other page feel magical.



mtalbac, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: Anything! But pencils, paint, and markers are my most common tools.

Favourite Colour: All Colors, I could never pick, I love them all!

Say Hello on Social: IG: mtalbac

Here’s a little about my pages: I colored these pages primarily with colored pencils, across the whole spectrum of quality. Prisma, Carola and Poly’s.
It was hard to decide a palette at first, but I wanted something to tie the pages together. So rainbow it was!
The raised butterflies came about as I wanted black on black on the open page. I transferred the right hand image and used a fine line tip nozzle on bottled paint and traced over.



coloring_with_virginie, Germany

 Favourite Colouring Tools: Faber Castell Polychromos. Staedtler Pigment Liner, Chalk, Watercolor pencils.

Favourite Colour: Natural greens and browns, FC Polyc: 171, 166, 266, 267, 170, 168, 180, 177.

Say Hello on Social: IG: Coloring_with_virginie, FB: Coloring with Virginie, YT: Coloring with Virginie

Here’s a little about my pages: I love complementary colors. Although I did not quite keep it that way. I wanted to make it something exciting and mystical / magical, like from a childs book. These are my favourite colors all included. I also drew something by myself. I often like to do that.
I used FC Polychromos, pastel crayons, Staedtler and Pigment Liner. I only blend with colors, no blender. I love to do something 3D look.



Tamara, Austria

Favourite Colouring Tools: I really like coloured pencils. I have the Faber Castell watercolour pencils, but at the moment I like plain watercolours best, because of the beautiful effects you can create.

Favourite Colour: I love pastel colours like a light pink or a patel-live-green and I absolutely love gold.

Say Hello on Social: Blog: www.federafuchs.at (I mostly write about my bullet journal, but also about some doodles and drawings that I do)

Here’s a little about my pages: I like to pick just a few colours for a picture instead of colouring in all the colours of the rainbow.

The black and white picture is coloured in watercolour and the other picture with the Faber Castell watercolour pencils.



Susan, UK

Favourite Colouring Tools: Colour Pencils

Favourite Colour: Red

Say Hello on Social: 

Here’s a little about my pages: I used prismacolor, pablo, derwent, coloured pencils, a glitter gel pen for the jewellry on the dragon. I wanted the dragon bright and colourful and it to look like shes looking in to the dark tunnel from her castle. I sued layering and brushing techniques, and tried to keep the colours for the castle as close to real castle colours as I could.



ClaireHoloway, UK

Favourite Colouring Tools: Prismacolour Pencils, Glitter Gel Pens, Chalk Pens

Favourite Colour: Red!

Say Hello on Social: IG: Clairecolourista, FB: Johanna Basford Your Pages, YT: Claire Holoway

Here’s a little about my pages: Monster Page:
Staedtler Triplus Fineliners
Prismacolour Pencils
Spectrum Noir Sparkle Brush Pens
Aen glitter gel pens
Sakura black Fine Liner

Tunnels Page:
As above, plus Caran D’ache pastel pencils

As these were individual boxes I was able to use a very varied palette and a range of techniques!



Marianne, USA

Favourite Colouring Tools: Prismacolor Premier Coloured Pencils, White Gelly Roll Gel Pen or clear glitter, Pan Pastels for backgrounds

Favourite Colour: Purple though I do love pink and teal

Say Hello on Social: 

Here’s a little about my pages: I used my prismacolor premier pencils and while I didn’t follow a palette, I wanted the picture to reflect me so that’s how I came to a purple, teal and pink dragon. Since the story talks of finding the door under a tapestry in the dungeon I wanted it to be brick. All the dragons have gold scales, after all this is Enchantia!



artsyveganmum, Canada

 Favourite Colouring Tools: Prismacolor Premier Pencils, Uniball Signo White Pen, Micron Black Pens

Favourite Colour: Prismacolor ‘Parma Violet’ PC 1008

Say Hello on Social: IG: artsyveganmum, TW: Artsyveganmum

Here’s a little about my pages: In the beginning Ivy thought she saw only on ebutterfly, but at the end, two! I knew I had to use a similar palatte with slight differences for both butterflies. I used prismacolor with purple/violet and aqua/blue hues. I carefully applied a gold leaf embellishment on both. Pastel Chalk was used for the background.



Laylabeecolours, Holland

 Favourite Colouring Tools: Polychromos Pencils, Posca Pens, Gel Pens

Favourite Colour: Green

Say Hello on Social: IG: Laylabeecolours

 Here’s a little about my pages: I like to colour as realistic as possible with some embellishment. I used polychromos pencils, posca and gel pens. The gold frame was done using only 5 pencils for the page. Also some pens for sparkly effect.
I tried to colour the ladybird true to the books description. Blending was done with other colours rather than a blending pencil to keep it soft.



JohannaT, Australia

Favourite Colouring Tools: Faber Castell Polychromos

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Say Hello on Social: IG: Colourmehappy84

Here’s a little about my pages: I used FC Polychromos and a Derwent blending pencil. I’m a novice at colouring but having found your books and website. I’m slowly learning.
I started colouring only this year after I broke my leg and smashed my ankle, needed to occupy 6 months of rehabilitation 🙂



CarrieBarrie, Malaysia

Favourite Colouring Tools: Faber Castell Polychromos 120

Favourite Colour: Rainbow Colours

Say Hello on Social: FB: Carriebarrie

Here’s a little about my pages: 1- Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils
2- White pilot BL-PL-7-W 0.7pen
3 – Staedtler triplus fineliner
4- I love 3D drawings and I love rainbow colours and I love doing both on all your colouring books.



The End!

What an incredible project huh?! The diversity of the techniques, colour palettes and materials is amazing!

Thank you once again to everyone who took part, it’s such a beautiful collection of colouring!


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