12th December 2019

The photo I almost didn’t post


I’ve almost posted this pic so many times, then didn’t. It was snapped just as the final measurement of my World Record Attempt was announced by the Guinness World Record Adjudicator. I’d been drawing non stop for 12 hours. I was exhausted, in pain but SO HAPPY that I’d done it! I’d set a new World Record!!

I’d thrown my hands in the air in triumph and… my t-shirt rose up and flashed my tummy.

Now here’s the thing… I’m not massively self conscious 🤪 (as you might have noticed by the constant state of my hair and make-up on live posts – I figure better to show up a bit dishevelled than not at all!) but this tummy thing bothered me. The lighting wasn’t exactly flattering and I’m just not a midriff flasher at the best of times (hello bathing suits!).

So I didn’t post it. Even though it perfectly captures my JOY in this brilliant moment.

But then I got real. I grew 2 little humans in there for 18 months!! And those girls, THEY are my best creation and my biggest triumph. It was a privilege to carry them. So I figured why NOT just share the darn photo?

No, it’s not the best angle, it hasn’t been air brushed but this body made me 2 wonderful babies, it’s strong and healthy AND it broke a World Record, so it’s good enough for me!

PS, if you are wondering why I did this crazy world record in the first place, it’s becuase I want to inspire the world to draw! I made a book about it. You can see it here www.johannabasford.com/howtodrawbook

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