29th May 2012

Wedding Wellies


When I heard my sister’s finance’s brother’s wife-to-be was looking for some pretty wellies for her big day

 – (I think we’re related, or at least soon will be) –

I ordered a pair of white Hunters and dug out my pen box.

Scottish brides know it’s best to be prepared for any meteorological eventuality.


A delicate black pattern of blossoms and foliage,

embellished with hundreds of tiny gold polka dots.


For the Pen Geeks:

Sharpie Fine Markers and Gold Edding 751 Paint Markers

both from Cult Pens.


The silky smooth surface of the Hunters took the ink beautifully –

akin to drawing on a banana skin with a biro as one of my Twitter followers delightfully pointed out.

The pen glides from stroke to stroke and the ink is both opaque and waterproof.


Panic not,

I did the obligatory “standing in the bath to check the ink doesn’t run” test

Nobody wants an ink blot wedding dress…


Lots of love and congratulations to the beautiful bride, Helen and her husband, Matthew.


Wedding Wellies


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