21st April 2013

Week 16


This week my list writing reached epic new heights,

We’re talking several per day, colour coded, prioritised and subcategorised.

All in a vain attempt to quell the growing panic within me –

For this was the last week of the sabbatical I’d be spending in the studio.


Totes Panic!


For the next couple of weeks I’ll be working on site at the DCA,

Installing my exhibition ‘Wonderlands’ which will mark the end of the sabbatical

And, (not to be too mellow dramatic) my Judgment Day.


Has this 4 month off malarkey been justified?

More on that soon…


My pre-install To Do lists have what can only be described as an eclectic blend of tasks;


* Spray paint boat

* Order clock hands

* Test dog for smudging

* Source humbugs

* Remix Cuckoo clock audio

* Print a forest

* Double check Wonderbeasts…


Any sense of triumph at scoring a job off is immediately trumped by the inevitable addition of 3 new ones.

I feel like I’m wading through treacle.


It seems no matter how long the lead time or how well planned the operation,

A last minute panic is inevitable.


Should I get up earlier?

Should I buy a watch?

Should I close my Twitter account?

Why am I so rubbish at Time Management?


Well, maybe I’m not.

Maybe the last minute panic is just part of the creative process.

After all, the final 100meters are for sprinting, not pacing yourself.


I reason that if I was completely laid back about everything,

Felt that things were ticking along to plan perfectly,

Then maybe, just maybe, I’m not trying hard enough or aiming high enough.


Complacency surely can’t inspire the best in us?


So, I’ll keep this brief as I’m acutely aware there is still MUCH to do.


Almost all the studio work is now complete;

Artwork has been printed,

Bodies have been inked,

Fabrics are ordered,

Cuckoos have arrived,

And the beer has been labeled.


Tomorrow, we begin install!






And before I forget…


Wonderlands Opening Night!


Wonderlands opens at the DCA on Friday 3rd May at 7pm

Come along, see what I’ve made and enjoy a BrewDog beer or a Gin Cocktail

Everyone’s welcome, see you there!

Wonderbeasts - the super sized print for the final exhibition

He's inked!


Studio Pup completely happy with this Time Management skills


Big thanks to Creative Scotland who supported the Sabbatical through a Professional Development Grant. 

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