2nd December 2017

The 12 Days of Creativity

I’m SUPER excited to be launching my Creative Christmas Countdown! I’ll be sharing a dozen creative ideas for you to try between now and Christmas –  tutorials, colouring demos, some tips and tricks or even the odd download. You don’t need any fancy equipment or a free afternoon (I know how busy December is!), just some pens, pencils, paper and maybe 15 minutes or so!

If you do want to get geeky about art supplies, I’ve listed the ones I use most often below however feel free to use whatever tools you have to hand. The important thing is that you make your mark!

Keep an eye on my blog, faceook and instragram over the next 3 weeks to follow our progress and take part in The 12 Days of Creativity! I’ll post a link to each day as we publish them below, so you have a one stop shop for all those creative links!

Day 1. How to Draw Holly

Day 2. How to Draw a Christmas Garland

Still doing a spot of Christmas Shopping? Ivy and the Inky Butterfly or Johanna’s Christmas make ink-tastic gifts (and they are a joy to wrap! Talking of wrapping, there *may* be some creative wrapping ideas coming up soon…!)

Have fun and happy colouring,



Drawing Pencil

Staedtler Mars Rotary Pencil with an HB or 2B lead in a 0.5 size.


Drawing Pens

Staedtler Pigment Fineliner. I use a variety of nib widths from 0.05 – 0.8 but a 0.2 is always my go-to pen.


Colouring Pencils

Staedtler Ergosofts are the pencils I most often recommend. They aren’t too expensive and offer a great value for money pencil that is soft enough to layer and blend but also hard enough that you can sharpen to a good point.


Colouring Pens

I used Staedtler’s Triplus Fineliners for adding details (they have super fine nibs which make them perfect for this) and the Staedtler Triplus Colour pens for larger areas of colour as they are a bit chunkier.


White Gel Pen

I like the Sakura Jelly Roll

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