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Penguin Random House

For Lost Ocean, Magical Jungle, Johanna’s Christmas, Ivy and the Inky Butterfly, World of Flowers and How to Draw Inky Wonderlands.

Laurence King 

For Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest.



Please contact the Publisher as listed in the legal information at the front or back of your book.

For UK press about the new book, Worlds of Wonder, please contact Shona.

For UK press, please contact Claire
For US press, please contact Sara
For everywhere else, please contact Cath


Please contact The Studio 

To become a stockist of Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, please contact Laurence King
To become a stockist of Lost Ocean, Magical Jungle, Johanna’s Christmas, Ivy and the Inky Butterfly and World of Flowers, please contact Penguin Random House

Sadly we cannot list all stockists of my work, but you can find selected retailers on the individual  product and book pages.

Please contact the Inky Digital Team.

Where can I buy your colouring books and other inky products?

We don’t have a full list of all retailers who stock my work (it would be too long!), but I’ve listed some selected sellers on the Books and Products page. We also work with lots of great independent stores and good old Amazon!


What pens and pencils do you recommend for use in your books?

Everyone will have their own favourite pens and pencils it all depends whether you want bold, vibrant colour (go for pens) or a softer, more tactile approach that allows you to blend and vary the strength your tones (go for pencils!) When I colour with pens I like Staedtler triplus fineliners, but if you are heavy handed or prefer a slow and steady approach to colouring (meaning increased nib to pape contact time), they may bleed for you. I’d recommend doing a sneaky test patch at the back of the book or on the colour palette test page if your book has one, to check how heavy you can press without ink seeping through to the next page. Personally, I prefer coloured pencils. They are so versatile and you can blend and mix your colours to create some amazing effects. I love Staedtler’s Ergo Soft range. They aren’t super expensive but have a rich, bold pigment level which means you can achieve some great effects without having to press super hard (which can risk piercing the paper). You can also sharpen Ergosoft pencils to a really fine point, which I love for doing tiny details with. There’s some more info on my favourite pens and pencils here. 


Why does the paper differ between your books?

Paper is something I take extremely seriously and I’m constantly on a quest to improve the books and bring them ever closer to papery perfection for you! Each foreign edition of my books is printed by my publisher in that territory and they select their own paper stock and printers based on my recommendations. I can offer guidance but sadly do not have full control. Colouring books require huge amounts of very specific paper so my publishers try to find the very best paper they can within their commercial parameters. As such, Magical Jungle in France will not be printed on the same paper as it appears on it the US or UK. For more information about my paper, read this blog. 


What are the Arist’s Editions?

The Artist Editions of my books are a smaller selection of the most loved illustrations from each of the books, printed larger format onto thick, ivory cartridge paper. The pages are printed single sided only and have a special binding which allows you to remove the pages. If you like to frame your artwork, this is the book for you! Also, the thicker paper and single sided printing means you can use materials such as watercolour pencils or pens which might ordinarily bleed through the paper of the regular books.


Can I share pictures of my colouring?

YES! Sharing your creations is all part of the fun of colouring. We’ve created a wonderful new Colouring Gallery on my website which will allow you to upload all your colouring pictures, both work in progress and completed artworks. There’s space to share with us what pens and pencils you used and to pass on any tips you may have to the community! Also on the new gallery, you can like your favourite pieces by other Colourists and follow their profiles, so you never miss a drop of inspiration!


I have an idea for a colouring book. Have you got any advice on getting published?

Everyone’s journey to publication will be different, but generally if you would like to be ‘traditionally’ published you can either submit your proposal directly to a publishing house (if they accept open submissions) or work with an agent. It can be tricky securing an agent, so do your research and approach them in the same way as you would a publisher, send samples of your work and your proposal. If the traditional publishing route isn’t for you, you can self-publish. This isn’t something I have experience in, but there are some really great online platforms that will allow you to upload your files, print a book and sell it. Again, you just need to do your research and see what works for you. Alternatively, you could make your artwork available as an Ebook. This involves setting up the files as a download, then taking money via PayPal or some other payment platform and sending people a link to download your work. With the exception of a few charity projects this again isn’t something I have experience with, but well worth looking into as a way of getting your work out there. My top tips would be to share your work as much as you, both on and offline and try to grow your profile, you never know who might be looking! AND, if you do land a book detail, make sure you have an agent who will take care of the paperwork for you. Publishing is full of contracts and legalities, an expert will make sure you don’t sign anything silly!


Can I use your artwork in my craft project?

YES! I love to see how you adapt my artwork into your own unique creative projects and as long as there is no commercial use, i.e you sell the things you make or use the artwork in a business context, then you are free to do so! So whether it’s an embroidered cushion, a laser cut wedding invitation or a wonderful wall mural, please go ahead and just remember to share some photos with me! I love to see what you’ve been up to! Please note that due to copyright and licensing laws, we cannot permit any commercial use of the artwork.


How can I get your Wonderlands book?

This book was produced with Dundee Contemporary Arts at the time of my exhibition there. It featured a selection of images of my commercial work as well as images from the exhibition (it wasn’t a colouring book). This book is now sold out and sadly we won’t be re-printing it. Sorry!


Can you design me a tattoo?

Sadly not. Due to crazy work schedules I cannot do custom tattoo artwork, but if you would like to take any of my illustrations along to your tattooist and have them inked onto your body, be my guest! Please do send photos as I love to see the final result (after the scabby stage has passed!).


I’m organising a charity event. Can you make a donation?

Each year I choose one charity to partner with. This year it is The Archie Foundation. This allows me to make a bigger, more meaningful contribution than when I used to try and help as many as I could in smaller ways. There are so many great causes in the world and I wish I could play my part in all your fundraising efforts, but after much soul searching, I felt this was the best way to do my bit and make the biggest impact I possibly can.


Still got queries?

Check out my Blog which covers all the above and more and also the My Process post, where I explain step by step how I create my artwork.

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