5th December 2018

5 Essential Bits of Drawing Kit I use Every Day


I’m a creature of habit.

When I find something that works well, I stick with it.

That’s why I’ve been using the same bits of kit since Art School.

Yes, I’ve flirted with shiny new things, fancy things sent to me or new inventions, but ultimately I keep coming back to the same core 5 things that I’ve been using since I was 19.

The old faithful’s!


1. Staedtler pigment liners

It’s no secret that I love these pens and have done since I was at Art School. Almost every drawing I create is inked with these. My favourite is the 0.2 nib but I also love a 0.05 for fine details and a 0.3 for thick, bold outlines.


2.Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser

I think this is the perfect eraser. It cleanly lifts off graphite, is non smudgy and is firm enough that you can use a scalpel to carve it into a point to erase tiny details.  I’m not a fan of coloured or putty erasers. I find they make a big old mess. Sometimes simple is best.


3. Daler Rowney Layout Paper, A3 pad

A smooth, thin paper stock which is perfect for the type of drawing I do. I draw in pencil initially, then I place a second sheet of paper over the top of the pencil drawing and trace it in ink. Layout paper is perfect for this as the smooth surface allows my pen to glide over the page without feathering or smudging but is also thin enough that I can see through to the pencil drawing below.


4. Helix Compass

I love a wobbly, hand drawn circle, but if I need to be a bit more accurate, I use my compass. I’ve tried all sorts of fancy ones but I keep coming back to this trusty one I’ve had since school.


5. Scotch Tape

Boring but essential! I often create my drawings over 2 or more sheets of paper, tacking them together with Scotch Tape as I go. This tape is perfect as it peels off cleanly, so when I come to scanning the inked drawings I can ‘dismantle’ the original compositions and scan them page by page without tearing the paper or having horrible shiny tape marks on them.


What are your go-to Tools?

We all have them.

Whether it’s the pen you need for adding highlights or a sharpener that you can’t be without, I love our loyalty to the tools that help us create!


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