Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

for The Archie Foundation

An Exciting Charity Project!


I’m so happy to announce that I’m working with The Archie Foundation to give Aberdeen Royal Children’s Hospital an inky make-over… and we need YOUR help!

Whilst I have lots of inky ideas of my own, I’d LOVE to hear from children and their grown-ups, so I can get an idea of what you would like to see on the hospital walls. Floating islands? Sunken Pirate Ships? Magical Treehouses? Your ideas will inspire the final artwork.

I’ve made 6 inky worksheets that you can download and print. I’d be hugely grateful if you could pick one or two (maybe even them all!), colour or draw on them and upload them to my colouring gallery HERE. You don’t need to be local to take part, everyone is welcome to contribute their ideas and creativity!

As a Mum, I know how important it is that spaces like hospital waiting areas and treatment rooms are welcoming, calm environments for both the little people and us grown ups. But we also want them to be fun, to capture imaginations and spark a few smiles and conversations! I’m looking forward to creating beautiful backdrops, fun treasures hunts and even a few inky quests for this wonderful hospital in my hometown.

Thank you in advance for your help –  I can’t wait to share more progress on this project in the coming months!

Much love, Johanna x

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