6th April 2011

Book Club


A few moths ago I posted a Tweet asking for some book recommendations of the Creative / Business variety. I was about to head off on a little trip and needed some good page turners to see me through the flight (I’m not a fiction girl!). As always, the Twitter community didn’t disappoint and the suggestions came flying in.

Some I’d read, some I hadn’t, but I took at peek at each and every one on Amazon and put together a very nice little shopping cart – so thank you for all your pointers. In the sharing sprit of Twitter, I thought it a good idea to formulate all your suggestions into a big old list. So here it is.

If you have any additional suggestions you think should be on the list or if you’d like to give a book a thumbs up (or thumbs down?!) drop it in a comment at the bottom.

Happy reading!



The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

Designing Design by Kenya Hara

It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be by Paul Arden

amp;qid=1302116201&sr=1-1″ target=”_blank”>ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Do Good Design by by David B. Berman

Graphic: Inside the Sketchbooks of the World’s Great Graphic Designers by Steven Heller

How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Loosing your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy

Creative Inc: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business by Cho Ilasco

Let my People go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard

Linchpin by Seth Godin

4 hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

This is Serivce Design Thinking by Jakob Schneider

The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher

The Best of Brochure Design

Change by Design by Tim Brown

100 Habits of Successful Graphic Designers by Josh Berger

The Idea Industry … can’t seem to track this one down?

Creative Process Illustrated by W. Glenn Griffin

The Idea Writers … again can’t find this one I’m afriad

Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder

The Other 90% by Robert Cooper

Talent is not Enough by Shel Perkins

Design Management by Katheryn Best

And finally, my all time favourite business book and the one I’d recommend over all others: Purple Cow by Seth Godin


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