Small Victories

We don’t always have a whole afternoon or even an hour to dedicate to our creative practice. Small Victories is the perfect book for when you want to pick up a pencil and complete some colouring in a single sitting. Colourists will find pages with lots of little individual drawings, from which they can select a few and colour, along with little vignettes and smaller motifs that can be completed in a single colouring session—all featuring my signature style of whimsical illustrations and flights of fantasy.

The perfect coloring book to flex your creative muscle, while also guaranteeing more of those feel good vibes you get on completion of a project!

From tiny toadstools, dinky cakes to celestial and floral miniscapes, this is the perfect pocket sized colouring book to ensure you get your daily dose of creative calm.

** OUT NOVEMBER 2023 **
** Available to pre-order now! **

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