1st April 2010

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars – April

Apologies to everyone who is currently facing a 10 piece Marching Band on their desktop, as you may have noticed it’s been a super busy couple of weeks and I’m running a little behind with April’s cale


But never fear… it will be with you by the time you return from the Easter weekend, all inky and new and shiny and ready to be downloaded and pasted all over your desktop!

Take a peek at the previous calendars to date:

January’s 10 inquisitive owls

February’s 10 robots in love

March’s 10 piece Marching band.

So, requests for April’s desktop wallpaper? What would you like to see 10 inky illustrations of?

10 Easter Bunnies plugging in their Sat Navs?

10 Chickens laying Faberge eggs?

10 Birthday cupcakes? (I’ll be another year older and wiser on the 15th)

Leave a comment or Tweet me your request and I’ll get my sketchbook out over the weekend.

Have a lovely Easter and make sure you eat plenty of hot cross buns. Those raisins count as 1 of your 5 a day.



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