4th September 2013

Inky Love for Maggie’s

It’s a proven fact that doing good makes you feel happy,

So not being able to take up all the good doing opportunities that come my way makes me sad.


Whether it’s a commission for a non profit or a donation to an auction,

I wish I could spread the inky love more widely, but alas, it just isn’t possible.


So instead of the emotional turmoil of having to pick between all the deserving causes,

I’ve decided each year to select one charity and do something big and inky and beautiful for them.


To kick things off, I’ve decided 2013 will be the year I work with Maggie’s.


Johanna Basford for Maggie’s


Cancer is something that affects us all,

Whether it’s a friend, a friend of a friend, a loved one or a colleague,

We all know someone who’s had to square up to the big C (in my case, my Dad)

So it felt appropriate to pick a charity that could potentially help so many of us.


When Dad was being treated for his cancer, I’d walk from the studio up to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary every night to visit him.

On the way, I’d pass the Maggie’s Aberdeen site.

Day by day, brick by brick I watched as the centre took shape.

As Dad got better, the centre grew bigger.


Today, Dad’s back to pottering about the farm with his diggers and Aberdeen is the newest member of the Maggie’s family.




Johanna Basford for Maggie’s


In their own words, “Maggie’s is about empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer by bringing together professional help, communities of support and building design to create exceptional centres for cancer care.”


And they are exceptional.


Johanna Basford for Maggie’s


So to do my bit, I’ve created this limited edition silk screen print.

100 prints

Each signed, dated and edition numbered

Lovingly hand printed at Dundee Contemporary Arts in opaque black on white cartridge paper, A2 size.


£50 each + P&P


All to be sold in support of Maggie’s and the wonderful work they do throughout the UK (except the first print of the edition, number 1/100) which I’ve already bought, framed and given to Maggie’s Aberdeen!)


The prints are available to buy exclusively from my online shop.


Do something wonderful; buy a print, support this fantastic charity AND get a pretty picture to pop on your wall!


Spread the inky love and let the good karma flow!



Johanna Basford for Maggie’s

Johanna Basford for Maggie’s


*The proceeds net of VAT will be donated to Maggie’s, so £41.67 of each print sold will go to them and the Tax Man takes £8.33.


Registered Charity Number: SC024414


Video thanks:

Music by Esperi

Video produced by Liam Johnston

Screen printing at Dundee Contemporary Arts


Johanna Basford for Maggie’s



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