1st September 2016

Magical Jungle Colouring Competition Winners

Colour Comp Winners



It’s been an interesting few weeks with this competition but I’m DELIGHTED to finally share with you our winners!

I’ve picked 4 Colourists to receive prize bundles, but it goes without saying that ALL the entries were creative, unique and truly magical. You made picking winners unbelievably difficult. I know I’m biased but I truly think you lovely lot are the most talented bunch of Colourists!

We also have the People’s Choice Award that goes to the creation that received the most Likes on my Colouring Gallery.

So without further delay, your winners!

In no particular order, I have selected…



  • Karine Calabra for this most enchanting paint, pastel and pencil creation, what a stunning technique! Karine has wonderfully captured that feeling of magic I was imagining when I created this book. I’m hoping she posts a blog or video soon to share with us how she created these effects! I also love that most of the picture is green, however she’s added pops of vibrant colour to the blossoms, butterfly and toucan.



  • Rosemarie for this brilliant rainbow effect. Rosemarie has used Faber-Castell Polychromo pencils and gently blended all her colours into one and other. I love how vibrant this is, but also the gentle rhythm that she has created by repeating the order the colours blend into each other. Red into orange into yellow into green.



  • Katrina Michaels for this wonderful development of the original illustration. I LOVE this kind of imagination, where my black and white lines become just the starting point for you to go off on an adventure and create your own completely unique artwork! Katrina says she was inspired by her son, who had the original idea to ‘make it a tree!’ and they worked together to create the piece. I love the way the colour palette pulls all the elements together and turns this into a beautiful, atmospheric composition that has a real feeling of depth.



  • Jane Bridger for her serene yet charming ice blue colour palette. An unusual colour selection always catches my eye and I loved the way Jane wasn’t tempted by all the usual tropical brights, but instead opted for something cool and tranquil. So unique! She’s broken up the limited colour range with gentle blushes of peach in the blossom and orange in the bill of the toucan, which again I thought was so clever. A very gentle and delicate colouring that I felt captured a unique character of our Magical Jungle!



  • And finally, the People’s Choice Award. This was the image that gained the most votes on my Colouring Gallery. This prize goes to Cris Lopes for her bright and colourful creation using pastels, pens and pencils. Thank you to everyone who took part and voted for your favourite!


Each winner will receive a bundle of colouring goodies in the post:

* 24 x Ergo Soft Colouring Pencils

* 36 x Triplus Fineliner Pens

* 24 x Aquarell Karat Watercolour Pencils

* A Staedtler barrel sharpener

* A signed, personalised copy of my new book, Magical Jungle

* A Johanna Basford Colouring Jigsaw Puzzle

* A Johanna Basford Colouring Canvas

* A Johanna Basford Colouring Bookmark (these are new!!)

* And a purple Post-it (because I know how much you all love them! Lol!)


Please look out for an email from us asking for your details and we’ll get these parcels on their way to you!


Thank you once again to everyone that took part and also for being so patient and understanding when I had to restart the competition. I’ve learned a lot and also noticed a few other tweaks we need to make to the colouring gallery, so rest assured these will be made in the coming weeks and when we launch the Johanna’s Christmas Colouring Competition in October, everything will (hopefully!) run like clockwork. Famous last words…!



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