1st June 2017

Magical Jungle Postcards & Toucan Download

My new Magical Jungle postcards have launched in the UK and US this month – something a little bit inky to send to your nearest and dearest instead of a boring old email or SMS!


I have a confession to make though – we’ve spotted that there is a printing error in the first UK print run and the treehouse design appears twice whilst the toucan has been missed out. This was our fault and we should have spotted the mistake sooner, for that I’m sorry.


We’re busy fixing the issue and making sure all the UK sets have the full range of cards. If you were an early bird and scooped up one of those first postcard sets, I don’t want you to miss out so I’m releasing the happy tropical Toucan as a free download. 


Once again, I’m sorry the mistake happened and I know only a tiny amount of you will have actually received those cards, but as you know, each and every colourist is important to me.  I wanted to let you all know I was aware of the problem, that I’m sorry and that we’re fixing it. Oh and also to give you a nice new colouring sheet!


Click here to get the Toucan.


Looking forward to seeing lots of colourful Toucans on the colouring gallery and on social media! Think of him as the perfect little warm-up before the first Ivy and the Inky Butterfly download…!


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