Rooms of Wonder

Book Tour : 10th – 14th October 2022

Step inside this magical colouring book!

Monday 10th  – Friday 14th October at 4pm UK

Daily Facebook Lives, shared on my Facebook Page and YouTube channel so you can re-watch any time.

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Hidden within every illustration in Rooms of Wonder is a secret key and a locked door. Find the key, unlock the door and continue to the next room. Discover a busy craft studio, a wizard’s workshop, a mouth-watering ice cream parlour and a pretty origami studio. With hidden treasures, curious spaces and a few enchanted interiors, all you need to do is unlock the first door and begin your magical journey!

Join me from Monday 10th October for the Rooms of Wonder book tour, an immersive 5 day colouring adventure with live colouring tutorials, free downloads and some sneak peeks at the making of my new adult colouring book.

Everyone is welcome!

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Can’t get it in time? Don’t worry, you can still join in! (It’s just better with the book!)

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