10th November 2017



Whilst it’s no secret that I’m not the world’s biggest fan of technology (I do love a digital detox!), I cannot deny that the internet has allowed the Colouring Community to flourish and has provided us with the most wonderful opportunity to share our creations with the world.

Every day I find myself staring at my phone or laptop, mesmerised by both the volume and brilliance of the images people post of my colouring books. It’s so humbling. And very grounding! I may draw those black and white pictures, but it’s YOU the Colourist that turn them into works of art.

#ShowYourColours /  #ShowYourColors (what’s a ‘u’ between friends?!) is my way of shining a spotlight on the millions of Colourists who bring my inky black and white worlds to life. I launched the campaign on social media and asked Colourists to post a picture of their colouring AND themselves then tag it with #ShowYourColours or  #ShowYourColors or upload it to my Colouring Gallery. It’s time to see the people behind the masterpieces!

It’s been amazing to suddenly see all these people who make up our community. Whether you are a colouring ‘Pro’ or a newbie making your first marks, take a snap of you and your colouring, post it online and you could be part of one of my #ShowYourColours  Special Projects. In recent weeks I launched the Pass it On Colouring Book and the Collaboration Colouring Book – and there’s more to come!


Life is better in colour, so remember to #ShowYourColours!


Photos can be posted on Instagram or twitter and tagged with #ShowYourColours or  #ShowYourColors


Uploaded to my Colouring Gallery.


Happy Colouring, you lovely lot!


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