13th January 2010

#TwitterPicture 2 goes live!

#TwitterPicture 2 will be launching tomorrow morning (Thursday 14th January) at 9:00am and will run until 9:00am on Friday 15th – a non stop 24 hour period of Tweeting and Drawing!

Get involved! Tweet me a suggestion and watch the live streaming for it making an inky appearance.


Non-stop 24 Hour Ink Action. This time round, I’ll be drawing your Tweets for a straight 24 hour period, from 9am on Thursday 14th January until 9am on Friday 15th January – yes that’s right; no sleep! This drawing marathon will be a test on my creative endurance but will open up the project to worldwide audience: 24 hour Tweeting is not to be missed!

Live Web Streaming. I’ve set-up a webcam and will be streaming the drawing and tweeting process live. You will be able to log on and watch the  #TwitterPicture take shape whilst keeping an eye out for your suggestion making an appearance.

Stop Frame Motion. In addition to the live streaming, I’ll be creating a stop frame motion film of the process. Every 4 minutes throughout the 24 hours, a photograph will be taken of the work in progress. Through the wonders of Vimeo you’ll be able to watch this after the event.

Tag your Tweet. I’ll be uploading the final drawing onto Flickr where you will be able to Tag the part of the #TwitterPicture you suggested and link it back to your original Tweet. Lay claim to your piece of the #TwitterPicture!

Totes and Tees. In addition to a run of limited edition prints, I’m having some very cool #TwitterPicture T-shirts and canvas #TwitterPicture Tote Bags printed. Details on Prints, Tees and Totes coming soon.

Bigger paper, more pens. After being slightly thrown by the overwhelming response the first time round, I’m better prepared this time. 300, 400, 500 Tweets?

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