20th October 2009

#TwitterPicture – The Vital Statistics.

What can a 48 hour illustrated snap shot of Twitter imaginations reveal about our society? Here’s the facts, feel free to analyse…

If by chance you have not caught the full story of #TwitterPicture so far, click here to catch-up.

Now that the drawing is complete and I have a moment to reflect on the epic Twittering  adventures of last week, the inner Geek in me is dying to share the weird and wonderful suggestions I received.

I’ll post the full list of suggestions and Tweeters in the official #TwitterPicture Artists Certificate tomorrow. A printed copy of this will be sent with every Limited Edition Print of the #TwitterPicture sold (more details on how to buy at the end of this post).

Of the 238 suggestions received:

96 were for an animal, bird, dinosaur or fish

107 were for an object, place or abstract concept

And just 35 were for a humans (or parts thereof)


Some of the trickier ‘concept’ suggestions were:

1. Your interpretation of an online and offline network (Redjotter)

2. The relationship between the public and the police in 2009 (ZoeMercer)

3. Broken Britain with a sticky plaster holding it together (andywhitlock)

4. a baby’s first laugh (ewanmcintosh)

5. A subject of my work (RobertBurnsNTS) – tweeted from beyond the grave it would seem… impressive.


35% of the Animal themed suggestions were for animals dressed as humans or performing non animalistic activities, such as:

1. A chicken walking along holding an umbrella (nopolymerchains)

2. A kick ass moose with sunglasses and headphones (arnaudvdc)

3. A hip hop meerkat (grumpyfrump)

I can’t help but think this penchant for quirky humanised creatures might have something to do with a little Russian Meerkat, simples?


Amongst the animals I drew were monkeys, manatees, badgers, hippos, seals and foxes, along with octopi, sharks, bumble bees, jays, magpies and even a dodo and a unicorn. Quite the Twitter menagerie!


Along with all the animals, almost every method of transport made it in from bicycles, to cars, aeroplanes, boats, trains and even stilts! Then there were the food inspired tweets; cakes, biscuits, marmite, steak, toast, cheese, pumpkin, watermelon, beer, pies and of course the obligatory can of Irn Bru.

In what we are frequently told is the “Era of the Celebrity” only 7 suggestions featured famous names:

1.Columbo (vicki_brown)

2. Noel Edmonds reunited with Mr. Blobby (AdamTheSmith)

3. A sinister Jerry Sadowitz type of character (steven bonner)

4. Rod Stewart’s haircut circa 1972 (emlynthegremlin)

5. David Cameron strangling some kittens, while laughing… and pointing at us (CraigPaton)

6. Mark Knopfler playing guitar (with just his fingers) on the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle (designbymusic)

7. Burt Reynolds (pixel_wizard)

Perhaps our culture isn’t as celeb saturated as everyone fears?

Twitter did prove itself to be a powerful cross cultural tool, throwing up 7 suggestions which I had never heard of before…thank goodness for Google.

1. A chimera (davebowker)

2. A hanbok (virvla)

3. Gilad Shalit (jonsac)

4. Galo de barcelos (zetavares)

5. A domokun (ninjoomoo)

6. An Aes Sedai symbol (mrssoup)

7. A Moog Prodigy (weheartstuff)

So I now know my hanboks from by domokuns…do you?!

And finally…Mac v PC? There were 6 mentions of Apple Macs and iPhones, none of PC’s or Blackberries. Are all creative Tweeters Mac people?

There were a few suggestions that even amongst the mayhem of Tweets and Fineliners, just hit a nerve and made me laugh out loud! My top 5 smile inducing #TwitterPicture tweets were:

1. a T-Rex in a funky T-Shirt? Would be happy with any dinosaur in casual attire. (mrdamiensmith)

2. An otter that looks capable of magic or illusion (kieran_mccrorie)

3. A triceratops wooing a stegasaurus with balloons (priyabhakta)

4. An elephant painting a picture of Albert Einstein (Bri_Jam)

5. A teapot in the shape of a brick (aquidgemedia)

I’m not sure why the Dinosaur ones tickle me so much, but the thought of a T-Rex kicking back in a hoodie and tracky bottoms just makes me giggle.

Be sure to check back tomorrow when I’ll be posting the full list of all your weird and wonderful suggestions, yes all 238 of them!

In the meantime, I’m still taking orders for the 100 Limited Edition silk screen prints of #TwitterPicture.

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Just 100 of these little beauties will be printed, so they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

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