8th September 2017

Weekly Planner Apology and Download

I posted on Facebook back in early August that we were having some issues with a delayed shipment of my 18 month planners arriving in the UK. With a heavy heart, we realised that the planners wouldn’t get to you in time for the 1st September start date. I know this has been a disappointment to many of you who had been counting down the days till you can start colouring (and planning). I truly am sorry that I let you down.

Unlike my colouring books which are made by my Publishers, I work with a specialist calendar company to make these planners, so I’ve been speaking to them all week to get an update on when the UK retailers should have stock. I should have more info to share with you on when you can expect your planners to arrive very soon.

As an apology, I’d like to share with you the first 4 pages of the 18 month Planner, so you can get colouring and planning September straight away! Download them here. For those of you that are waiting for your planners to arrive, I appreciate that you’d probably prefer to have the actual planner, but this was the next best thing I could think of to bridge that gap whilst you wait. For everyone else, here’s a taster of what the diary looks like; colour and have fun planning your month 🙂

See more about the planners here.

In the meantime, stock of Ivy and the Inky Butterfly is arriving in warehouses and mail rooms around the world to ensure everyone that pre-orders has their copy fluttering through their letterbox next month!

Download the first month of the planner using the link below.
JB 2018 Weekly Planner SEPT

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