21st February 2013

Wonderbeasts & Kickstarter

I’m super excited to announce that ‘Wonderbeasts’ my latest co-creation drawing project has today gone live on Kickstarter.




This is the next evolution of TwitterPicture, my interactive artworks where you dictate what I draw.

Consider it a ‘Pen for Rent’ type set-up.

This time round the project is bigger, inkier and scarier!


Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform for creative projects.

But this isn’t your average Kickstarter project.


The Project

I’ll be turning a huge blank sheet of paper into a monochrome menagerie of hand drawn insects, animals, birds and mythical creatures, each one suggested by a project backer.

You make a pledge and in return you get to decide what I draw.

The result will be an inky portrait of the Kickstarter Community’s wild imagination!

A crowd sourced co-creation sensation!


draw draw draw!

Pledges & Suggestions

Each level of pledge has an animal category for you to base your suggestion on. For example, pledge £10 and you can suggest a creepy crawlie – maybe a butterfly, a bumble bee or a spider?

Pledge a little more and you can take your pick from woodland creatures or our feathered friends.

More still and we’re into the realms of ocean dwellers and safari giants before finally reaching the mythical and extinct beasts.

From beetles to ravens, tortoises to zebras, snails to dinosaurs, there’s a pledge and a suggestion for every pocket and imagination.


How it Works

* Select your pledge amount and Wonderbeast category e.g. Reptiles, Safari, Feathers etc.

* Dream up your suggestion. You can keep it simple, or go wild and put me to the test, just make sure it fits within your category.

Pledge away!

* When the funding period closes, I’ll send you an email asking for your suggestion.

* Respond within 48 hours to ensure your suggestion is included (there’s no time for hanging around!)

* I’ll then draw the final illustration featuring every single suggestion I receive and together we’ll create this super sized artwork!

Inky feathers!



And of course, as this is Kickstarter there are rewards!


These range from the obligatory bragging, tagging and associated fame of being a co-creator in a gallery exhibited piece(!)

To limited edition postcards, screen prints, sections of original artwork, special edition copies of my book and even your name hidden within the drawing.

Click here for the full low-down of inky rewards up for grabs.


I’ve also got a few sneaky extra rewards in the pipeline incase we smash the original target

(I believe the cool kids call these Stretch Goals)

Watch this space for details on stickers, pin badges and tattooooooos!


It’s all about You!

Without you, this project won’t happen.


It’s your suggestions that will shape the artwork,

Your pledges that will fund it.


teamwork makes the dreamwork


I’ll provide the drawing skills, lots of enthusiasm and as many updates along the way as you can tolerate!

The lovely people at Cult Pens have donated all the pens I’ll require

(my beloved Staedtler Pigment Liners!)

but I still need your help to raise £4,000 by Sunday 10th March

to cover 3 weeks of studio costs, lots of paper, a heck of a lot of screen printing, some fancy web wizardry that will allow me to tag your suggestions and of course video editing / photography.

This is more than just donating to an art project, it’s about becoming part of its creation and seeing your idea in black and white.



Keep an eye on how our artwork is shaping up, spot your suggestion as it’s inked and brag to your friends about the cool project you are involved with! I’ll be posting regular updates:

* Here on my blog

On Kickstarter



* Instagram (search for ‘johannabasford’)




Fear is Good!

If your big plan doesn’t scare the pants off you, it probably isn’t ambitious enough.


Believe me when I say I’m more than a little nervous about this. That said, I know it’s also an opportunity to make something truly amazing.


Let’s make some inky magic!


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