9th March 2020

30 Days of Flowers


Anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed by the news and social media recently? I am. So I thought now would be a wonderful opportunity to revisit my 30 Days of Flowers Colouring Challenge. Let’s treat ourselves to a daily dose of creativity. Turn those phones off, pick up your pens and pencils and colour one little flower everyday for the next 30 days.

I’m sharing this double page download from World of Flowers, featuring 30 individual flowers.

The challenge: Colour a flower a day, for 30 days.

Start TODAY. Or tomorrow, but you MUST start.

And if you want to share your colouring, post it with #30daysofflowers so we can all find it.
I love the idea of creating a happy, creative little space on the internet with that hashtag, where we can go to share our colours, find a bit of inspiration and not have to see anything negative or scary.

Can colouring make you happier? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But I’m guessing we could all do with a little headspace just now.

Scroll down for the download links!

I also made you a Tracker Sheet so you can mark off each day and keep track of where you are. Stick it somewhere you will see it everyday and make sure you colour the circle on your tracker sheet when you have completed a flower. Once you start to see those circles fill up, you won’t want to break the creative streak!

So wether you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or you just want to give a new creative hobby a go, why not give the 30 Days of Flowers Challenge a shot.

Have fun! Jx


Download the Artwork here:

Click here for Page 1 of the Download

Click here for Page 2 of the Download

Click here for the Tracker Sheet


P.S: Top printing tips: everything is sized to fit a standard A4 / Office Letter sheet of paper.

Click the ‘Scale to fit’ or ‘fit on page’ option on your printer.


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