26th September 2019

Course Art Supplies

If you are taking one of my FREE online courses, whether that’s Inky Art School or 30 Days of Creativity, here are all the Art Supplies I reccomend!

The links are only there so you can see the photos.

I’d advise you shop around either online or in local stores to find the supplies you need (or use things you already have!).

And if you don’t have something, don’t worry!

Creativity is about experimenting and adapting – either use what you do have, or just watch the class, then catch up with that particular tutorial later. No biggy 😉



I like to draw on Daler Rowney Layout Paper. An A4 pad is perfect. Or basic white copy paper is perfectly fine too. Non glossy.

Don’t use fancy, textured drawing paper; it’s bumpy to draw on and your ink will feather and pool.



I like a 0.5 Staedtler Mars Rotary Pencil with an HB lead. Any pencil with an HB lead is fine but I find you get better control from a Rotary Pencil (a clicky one).

You’ll also need a ‘Regular’ pencil (wood covered, not clicky). An HB, B or 2B will be perfect – don’t us a hard pencil (H, 2H etc)


Drawing Pens

I like Staedtler Mars Pigment Liners but any fibre tipped fine liner will work well. A 0.2 sized nib is a good start point. Anything larger than a 0.3 will likely be tricky to control.


Colouring Pencils

Your pick! I like Staedtler Ergosofts or Faber Castell Polychromo but also Arteza Triangular Pencils and  these by Faber Castell are a budget friendly set that I rate highly.



A white plastic eraser – NO coloured or putty erasers please! I like the Staedtler Mars one.


Tracing Paper

Any brand – cost isn’t an issue here. Cheap and cheerful is FINE! Either grab an A4 pad of tracing paper or baking parchment works too!



I use my old one from school. A simple one is better (as opposed to anything super fancy and technical!). Make sure you have a little pencil to fit in it.



I like a see-through one, like this. Any ruler will do though.


Graph paper

I use this pad. Handy to have a sheet of this but there is also a graph paper download that you can print for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a full pad.


Pencil Sharpener

Any that you like. Often the simple ones are best!


The Books!

Don’t forget to order your copies of How to Draw Inky Wonderlands and 30 Days of Creativity to get the very most from those free online courses!


If you like getting super nerdy about your Art Supplies, you’ll probably like this blog.



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