6th September 2018

30 Days of Flowers – An Experiment in Creating Happy!

I want to set you a challenge. Could a daily dose of creativity make you happier? Less stressed? Even the slightest bit more smiley? Let’s find out!

Now I’m not talking about anything extreme. You don’t need to enrol in a fancy art class, give up HOURS of your time each day or even spend lots of cash on art supplies. I’m talking about picking up a pen or pencil and doing 5 – 10 mins of colouring. That’s it.


I’m sharing this double page download from my new book, World of Flowers, that features 30 individual flowers.

The challenge: Colour a flower a day, for 30 days.

You can start anytime (but a monday is probably best).

A lot of us began this challenge on Monday 10th September 2018 – you can see our posts about it on my Facebook page and also on my Instagram or search #30daysofflowers.


Can colouring really make you happier? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But it would be kind of fun to join in and see, huh?!

Scroll down for the download links!


Every weekday (I’ll give you the weekend to play catch-up, just in case…!) pick up a pen or pencil and colour one flower. Just one. You can colour them in any order and use any materials, colours and techniques, just make sure you do one a day and when you are done, snap a photo and share it using #30daysofflowers or upload it to the 30 Days of Flowers album in my Colouring Gallery. That’s the accountability bit, apparently it’s important for helping us adopt a new habit!

I’ll be colouring along with you and I’ll post videos and pictures on my Facebook and Instagram as I do. Because I need a bit of accountability too!


I’ve made you a Tracker Sheet so you can mark off each day and keep track of where you are. Stick it somewhere you will see it everyday and make sure you colour the circle on your tracker sheet when you have completed a flower. Once you start to see those circles fill up, you won’t want to break the creative streak!


Will you be happier? Less stressed? Inspired to be more creative? Who knows!

Just remember, this is a creative experiment, a bit of fun. Grab your pens and pencils, print off the downloads and let’s get colouring!




Download the Artwork here:

Click here for Page 1 of the Download

Click here for Page 2 of the Download

Click here for the Tracker Sheet


P.S: Top printing tips: everything is sized to fit a standard A4 / Office Letter sheet of paper.

Click the ‘Scale to fit’ or ‘fit on page’ option on your printer.


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