17th October 2012

Alpha Prints


Introducing 2 new print collections; Alphabots and Alphabotanics.


Alphabots is a hand drawn alphabet comprised entirely of robots at play.

Upside down, jet-packing, chilling out with an oil can or up to mischief with a remote control…


Alphabotanics features delicately hand penned letters of foliage and blossoms.

Crisp, intricate and hand crafted with love.


Both are available as either bespoke prints or as a complete alphabet from my online shop.


Bespoke prints


Each one unique, these prints allow you to create a customised lettering print.

Truly charming and personal gifts for new babies, birthdays and weddings.

1. Just select your alphabet and ink colour

2. Order a print

3. Tell me what you want it to say

4. Add a personal message

Names, places, sweet sentiments, groveling apologies or even proposals are made better with an inky alphabet.


A3 size printed in black, pink, blue or grey onto 250gsm Tintoretto Gesso

Each signed print can also include a special message and a date (birthday, wedding date etc)

£50 each + P&P

Click here to order Bespoke Alphabots


Click here to order Bespoke Alphabotanics


Bespoke prints

Bespoke prints

Bespoke prints

Bespoke prints

Bespoke prints

Bespoke prints


Alphabet Prints


Learn your inky ABC’s with an Alphabet print

Featuring all 24 letters and an ampersand.


Giclee print in black on High White Smooth 315gsm 100% Cotton Rag

Prints are signed and dated

£40 each + P&P

Click here to order Alphabotan Prints

Click here to order Alphabotanic Prints

Alphabet Prints

Alphabet Prints

Alphabet Prints

Alphabet Prints




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