24th October 2012

I’m going on Sabbatical

A while ago I watched this TED Talk by Sagmeister,

King of the Sabbatical.

This 17.37 minute lecture changed the way I think about my practice.


After much contemplation and number crunching I came to a decision.

I’m taking a leaf from the Sagmeister’s book…


I’m going on sabbatical.


For 4 months, not 12.


I’ve been self employed since I left Art School 7 years ago.

I’ve worked on some amazing projects

(and I’ve worked on some not so amazing projects)

But as my practice grew, I got caught up in an inky snowball.


The busier I am, the less creative I seem to be.


So I’ve decided to close the studio for 4 months.

From 1st January – 30th April 2013

I’m taking a Creative Sabbatical.


No commissions.

No clients.

No fees.


Instead, I’ll be developing a body of super exciting new personal work;

Spending time in various print studios

Learning new techniques

Taking some courses

Experimenting with new materials

Collaborating with other Creatives

And launching the next evolution of TwitterPicture

– my interactive crowd sourced drawing project.


4 months of imagining, creating and learning.


The fruits of this period will filter back into my practice,

Allowing me to become better at what I do

And make amazing images for my wonderful clients.


Imagination reignited

New skills and ideas percolating

I’ll be an inky force of nature to be reckoned with!


I’ll be sharing my sabbatical experience online through

Daily #mydesktoday snapshots

Progress snippets on Twitter & Facebook,

And a weekly Sabbatical Sum-up blog.


The tangible results of the sabbatical will be exhibited

At my solo show at the DCA in May 2013.

Come along. See what I make.


This isn’t without risk of course.

I’ll certainly miss out on work during the 4 months


Short term loss versus long term gain…


As I said on Twitter this week,

If your future plan doesn’t scare the pants off you,

it probably isn’t ambitious enough.


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