6th February 2012

Augmented Reality for STV Creative


For someone with a very analogue brain, this was simply mind blowing!

I imagine my reaction to seeing this on Friday was similar to that of a caveman encountering fire for the first time:

Amazement, delight, intrigue and a little bit of confusion…


Welcome to the magical inky world of Augmented Reality!


Tech geeks and the digi savvy amongst you will be familiar with the AR, to the rest of us mere mortals, it’s a brave new world of enchantment!


Make it happen:


1. Download the free Aurasma Lite app onto your smart phone (search for it in the app store)

2. Click here and view the large image of the ad

2. Hold the phone in front of the image so it almost fills the screen

3. Watch as it magicaly comes to life!

Johanna Basford AR for STV Creative

Johanna Basford AR for STV Creative

Johanna Basford AR for STV Creative


How it happened:

Last year I was commissioned by the brilliant team at STV Creative.

They asked me to create an illustration inspired by and including the phrase, ‘Look Good For Less’ –

highlighting their skill of crafting super glossy ads, even on a tight budget.

Inking complete, time for the digital magic to begin!

The illustration was animated by Calum at iamyomo and the showreel produced in house by the STV Creative Team.

The AR ad was placed in industry mag The Drum this month, a wonderful way to charm and delight clients old and new.

Despite my analogue allegances, the enchantment of AR has well and truly captured my imagination…

My ideas notebook is currently a flutter with rogue butterflies winging their way off the page and buds bursting into blossom – expect some more inky magic like this in the not too distant future!


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