Miniature Enchanted Forest

Welcome to my miniature inky Enchanted Forest!

Discover the magical realms of this whimsical woodland! From flurries of leaves to hidden castles, inquisitive foxes to treetop dwellings - the forest is waiting to be brought to life with your colours!
This new edition contains much loved artwork from the original book, but is small enough to be slipped inside pockets, handbags, school bags and even briefcases!

Here are my top tips for miniature colouring:

1. Use colouring pencils instead of pens - you can blend and layer your colours with pencils and no worries about bleeding!
2. Try colouring OVER the lines in some sections and let the black lines become detailing as opposed to outlines.
3. Pop a sheet of paper beneath the page you are working on to stop any indentation to the pages below.

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