26th August 2016

Colouring Competition Update #2!

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 09.38.36


Hello folks – Just to update you on this Competition… We spotted a glitch that would occur if we removed all the Likes on existing images as I mentioned the other day, so we’ve been trying to find a way around that.

Many of you asked me to make the public vote completely fair and restart the voting, so we’ve had to take some big decisions on how to handle this.

Regrettably, the only way we could start voting form zero again is to remove all the images from the gallery and start the competition from scratch.

You will therefore see the Magical Jungle Colouring Competition Album will be reset to empty and ALL IMAGES WILL BE DELETED.

PLEASE now upload your image again to the gallery. My team are working over time between now and the Thursday deadline and will be approving images twice a day, so you should see your entry get approved well within 24hours.

I’m sorry this has caused a little extra work for you, but I hope you feel it is worth it to have a fair People’s Choice Prize. Remember the other 4 prizes will still be awarded by me.

The deadline is 9am Thursday 1st September, so please be sure to have your artwork uploaded well in advance of this (the last approval will be 8am Thursday morning UK time).

This has been such a learning curve! Sorry for the hiccups we’ve experienced along the way – we’re planning another colouring competition for the launch of Johanna’s Christmas and we’ll be putting everything we’ve learned from this competition into making that one run super smoothly!



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