1st January 2013

Day One

Day 1 and I have an announcement to make:

It’s going to be 4 months, not 3.


Go big or go home.


Realistically, timings were going to tumble into April.

It seemed wiser to be bold, grab that extra month and just work like crazy for the rest of the year.


So here’s the plan for the next 4 months:


1. Learn


Read a book

Watch a documentary

Download a podcast series

Listen to an audiobook

Read a blog archive

TED talks, Seth Godin, Austin Kleon, Guy Kawasaki… consume their wise words and get better at everything.


2. Skills


Attend 1 course per month

Learn 4 new creative skills

Calligraphy? Lithoprinting? Letter Press?

New processes, materials and tools.

New ways of thinking and creating.


3. Draw




4. Books (plural!)

March and May

1.‘Secret Garden – an inky treasure hunt’ my colouring book published by Laurence King will be released in March.

2. ‘Wonderlands’ – My self published inky anthology. A picture book of my illustrations and drawings with some words and photographs. The book I’ve always wanted to make will be launched in May.


5. Collaborate

Fresh eyes, different skills.

Teamwork makes the dream work.


6. Share

Daily / Weekly

Daily studio snap shots & snippets posted at www.mydesktoday.com / twitter and facebook

Weekly progress blog posted here.

Stuff I’ve done, stuff I haven’t, stuff I should.

Places I’ve been, people I’ve met, things I’ve learned.


7. Archive


A personal logbook of the entire sabbatical.

The good, the bad and the ugly.


8. Talk

Slides and words about my work, going freelance, twitter, pens and epic fails.

2 talks, prepared and ready to unleash on mildly interested audiences.


9. Interact!


“Wonderbeasts” my biggest, inkiest, most ambitious co-creation project goes live.

Think TwitterPicture gone rogue.

A Kickstarter project with a difference – pledgers become creative directors and together we make a super sized artwork.

More details relesed on this soon.


10. Exhibit


“Wonderlands” my first solo show opens at the DCA on 3rd May.

Tumble down the rabbit hole and discover my world of inky monochrome magic.

See the fruits of my Creative Sabbatical.


It’s going to be a busy 4 months.

Let’s get started!


Big thanks to Creative Scotland who have supported the Sabbatical through a Proffessional Development Grant.

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