29th January 2010

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars – February

Yesterday I posted the TwitterPicture 2 Wallpapers, iPhone Screens and Twitter profile backgrounds, click here to download them in all their inky glory!


er, if this eclectic mash-up is not your style, why not suggested an idea for the second of my monthly Desktop Wallpaper Calendars?

You can read more about the project and January’s 10 Inquisitive Owls here.

In celebration of the year 2010, I’m illustrating a new desktop calendar each month inspired by the number 10.

10 Cheeky Meerkats

10 Giraffes wearing rollerskates

10 Ballet dancers eating lollipops…. The choice is yours!


Leave a blog comment below or tweet me your idea.

I’ll pick one to draw and the chosen suggestion will be next month’s calendar.

I’ll be drawing the calender over the weekend and it will be available to download on Monday 1st February.


Also next week, I’ll be posting details of my lovely Heartbreak prints – perfect twinkly little gems to give your loved one for Valentines Day! These are super special prints and will earn you maximum brownie points from your other half, check back Monday for images and details of how to buy.


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