29th April 2015

Enchanted Forest Download


I cannot begin to tell you how frustrated and unhappy I am that we’ve had so many stock issues with both Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest. This is entirely our fault, we just didn’t anticipate the massive global demand for the books. Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered and waited so patiently. Sorry to everyone searching and finding them out of stock.

The good news is my publishers tell me that freshly printed books have started hitting warehouses as of today and that 2 more additional print runs have been ordered in an attempt to keep the flow of books moving. It takes a little while for books to make their way through the distribution system, so to keep you going and as a thank you for being so wonderfully patient, we’ve released 3 pages from Enchanted Forest as a download. Click here to download the PDF, print out the pages and get colouring! Think of this as a colouring canapé, a little nibble to keep you going till the main event!

Once again, sincere apologies to each and everyone one of you that has waited and the biggest thank you for being so patient with us.


Ps. Don’t forget to upload a picture of your colouring to my Colouring Gallery here and share your work with the world!.

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