24th April 2020

Flourish – The FREE Colouring Book

A new 12 page mini-coloring book … and I’m giving it away!

There’s no escaping the chaos and fear Covid-19 is having on our world and I wanted to do something to help.

We all know colouring can relieve stress, ease anxiety and be an incredible mood booster, so now felt the perfect time to creating some new images for you to colour… then give them away for FREE!

Whether you are staying home, recovering from symptoms or on quick break from your essential front line work, colouring is the self care tool that anyone can dip into. And now you have a free book to get you started!

Print as many copies as you like, then print a few extra and share them with a friend! Start a colour club, share your creations online and send this link with anyone you know who could benefit from a splash of colouring self care just now.

Take a peek at my 5 top tips for printing downloads.

Inspired by the best loved pages from my previous books, along with some sneak peeks at new work, this 12 page mini colouring book is FREE to download.

I hope the new book brings you some joy and calm. If you too are trying to find ways to help, I’ve linked to a few of my favourite charities below – all are keeping food on the table for those who are struggling. The charity donation is completely optional – if you can spare a little, wonderful. If you can’t, don’t worry at all.

Have fun exploring and colouring the new book!

Much love,
Johanna x

PS. If you like this and want to continue your colouring adventure, take a peek at one of my other books. If you can, try to support your local independent book store.

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